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Universal cans available for manufacturers
and distributors

Cats & Pipes offers a comprehensive range of catalytic converters visually similar to an OEM converter. The Company has developed the relevant tooling for canning production and this, combined with the latest CAD facility allows pre-production modelling which highlights early on in the process any possible stress factors.

The Company has also designed its own metallic substrates which can be housed in the same shells as the ceramics. Ceramic substrates are canned with an OEM equivalent support matting, so increasing the service life of the product.
Many different variations of shells and cones are available to produce units for popular makes such as Audi Tdi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Renault and VW.

The universal service offers:

    100/200/300/400/600 cpi

    Ceramic and metallic specifications

    OEM support matting

    High flow converters – round or oval for enhanced engine response

    Larger units available as a mantel – cone collectors can be added

    Components or canned units supplied to manufacturers